And God Created Woman [1956]

Brigitte Bardot, And God Created Woman [1956]

1950s Saint-Tropez, France. Knowing what she wants, foxy Juliette Hardy, an eighteen-year-old orphan taken in by a strict moralistic couple, is the talk of the town. Spending her days working in a small bookshop and her nights dancing the cha-cha at the local nightclub, Juliette dreams of leaving her fishing village with Antoine Tardieu, a handsome shipyard owner, instead of giving in to the romantic advances of would-be sugar daddy and millionaire shipping tycoon Eric Carradine. At the same time, Michel, Antoine’s sweet and sensitive younger brother, endures insults, hoping to make statuesque Juliette love him. Now, three men vie for her affection. But the undecided heart searches for an escape. Can beautiful Juliette make up her mind?

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