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The Wayward Bus (1957)

Joan Collins and Jayne Mansfield in The Wayward Bus (1957) Dame Joan Collins, Jayne Mansfield, and Dan…

Joan Collins in Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys! -1958

The girl in the red velvet swing – 1955

Farley Granger – Joan Collins It’s the early twentieth century New York City. There exists a high…

Joan Collins in Land of the Pharaohs, 1955

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh Khufu (Jack Hawkins) is obsessed with acquiring gold and plans to take…

The Adventures of Sadie (1953)

Joan Collins in The Adventures of Sadie (1953) Rich Sadie Patch (Dame Joan Collins) is marooned on…

Joan Collins at the beach

Joan Collins having a ball playing at the beach in a bikini

Joan Collins posing in a bikini

Joan Collins in a sexy pose in a bikini on a waterfall

Joan Collins Land of the Pharaohs 1955

Joan Collins Land of the Pharaohs 1955 A captured architect designs an ingenious plan to ensure the…

Joan Collins at home 1955

Joan Collins photographed by Earl Leaf at home in Los Angeles, circa 1955.