Category: 50’s TV

The Untouchables 1959

Special Agent Eliot Ness and his elite team of incorruptible agents battle organized crime in 1930s Chicago….

Rocky and His Friends (1959)

Rocky, a plucky flying squirrel and Bullwinkle, a bumbling but lovable moose, have a series of ongoing…

Edy Williams and Bethelynn Grey in The Twilight Zone (1959)

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote 1950s

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote 1950s

Velocitus Tremenjus “Zipping Along” (1953)

Velocitus Tremenjus “Zipping Along” (1953)

Irish McCalla – Sheena: Queen of the Jungle

“I couldn’t act. But i could swing through the trees.” – Irish McCalla


Edy Williams and Cliff Robertson in The Twilight Zone (1959)

The Donna Reed Show 1958

The Donna Reed Show 1958 A loving mother and wife deals with situations and problems of a…

A 1959 Episode of Maverick

1959 Connie Stevens & James Garner From A Episode of Maverick

I LOVE LUCY (1954) 4.06 “Ricky’s Movie Offer” Lucy dresses as Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Montgomery in The Twilight Zone (1959)