The 50s

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Anita Ekberg

ZARAK 1956

Anita Ekberg On the mountainous frontier between British India and Afghanistan, circa 1860s, Zarak Khan kisses Salma, the youngest wife of his father, Haji Khan. Outraged, his father orders Zarak to be flogged to death but spares his life at…

Anita Ekberg in Screaming Mimi (1958)

Anita Ekberg in Screaming Mimi (1958) Exotic dancer Virginia Wilson sees a man get shot moments after he tries to knife her in a shower, so she goes to Dr. Greenwood a psychiatrist for therapy. He falls in love with…

Anita Ekberg, 1954

Anita Ekberg was up for the lead role in the short-lived television series Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1955) before her contract was bought out by John Wayne’s production company Batjac Productions.

Anita Ekberg in ‘Back from Eternity’, 1956

Anita Ekberg in ‘Back from Eternity’, 1956 A South American plane loaded with an assortment of characters crash-lands in a remote jungle area in the middle of a storm. The passengers then discover they are in an area inhabited by…

Blood Alley – 1955

John Wayne – Anita Ekberg (Blood alley) 1955 His ship seized by the Chinese Communists, American Merchant Captain Tom Wilder languishes in prison but Chinese villagers help him escape to sail them to Hong-Kong.