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Kathleen Hughes-Ann Blyth (Sally and saint Anne) 1952

Sally O’Moyne, a good-natured but awkward school-girl lives with her extended and eccentric Irish-American clan. One day…

Marilyn Monroe was Miss Cheesecake 1952

Marilyn Monroe was called Miss Cheesecake 1952 by Stars and Stripes magazine (August 1952)

Hangman´s knot – 1952

Donna Reed – Randolph Scott (Hangman´s knot) 1952 In 1865, a troop of Confederate soldiers led by…

Jeffrey Hunter – Jean Peters (Lure of the wilderness) 1952

Jeffrey Hunter and Jean Peters in Lure of the wilderness 1952 A young girl and her father,…

General 3-In-1 Kitchen Appliances, 1952

Betty Hutton – Ralph Meeker in Somebody loves me 1952

Blossom Seeley climbs to Broadway success with her partner Benny Fields, then retires to become his wife.

Against All Flags (1952)

Errol Flynn as Brian Hawke Maureen O’Hara as Prudence ‘Spitfire’ Stevens Against All Flags (1952) In 1700,…

Marilyn Monroe photographed in the surf of Santa Monica beach, 1952

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, 1952