The 50s

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Brigitte Bardot


Brigitte Bardot Originally titled Mademoiselle Striptease, this classic French sex comedy is a charming frolic through luscious Parisian cabarets with outstanding striptease performances. Agnes Laurent plays a spoiled young provincial girl.

And God Created Woman [1956]

Brigitte Bardot, And God Created Woman [1956] 1950s Saint-Tropez, France. Knowing what she wants, foxy Juliette Hardy, an eighteen-year-old orphan taken in by a strict moralistic couple, is the talk of the town. Spending her days working in a small…

Brigitte Bardot was modelling at 15

By the time she was 15, Brigitte Bardot was trying a modelling career, and found herself in the French magazine “Elle”. Her incredible beauty readily apparent, Brigitte next tried films.